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13 Dec

So we’ve been married  just over one month now, and on our one month wedding anniversary we had a special ceremony in our wedding outfits reading poems to each other- LOL just kidding- I’ve been joking with my husband about how often vow renewals are ‘acceptable’ without making people feel nauseated with all the cheesiness. I just really want to wear my gown again- maybe for New Year’s haha NOT!

We’ve also been discussing this wedding blog, and have decided that it makes more sense for me to continue blogging on my website LivLuna, where I already blog on a variety of topics, and where I will start adding blog posts about wedding tips and advice, like how I designed the letterpress wedding invitations, made DIY envelope liners, found my dream wedding dress, and convinced the designer to let me modify and customize her design etc etc!

If this is interesting to you, or you are into fitness, food, interviews with real female role models, yoga, reviews of natural and organic beauty products, and eco fashion, please read my blog on LivLuna and sign up as a LivLuna member. Our tagline is ‘fun fearless females kicking a** and saving the world in style’. We’re a community and a blog network as well so you can start blogging on LivLuna yourself, or repost existing blog posts.

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Having said that, I will keep this wedding site up and will update it occasionally and may repost some wedding blog posts from LivLuna, or channel it into a dedicated LivLuna wedding sub-site called Rosegold and Rubies…

Happy Holidays and much Love,

Maria xox


perfectly stormy wedding portraits

8 Dec

I had been praying to the Sun God for months hoping that it would not rain on the wedding day. It didn’t- it drizzled in the early morning, which I took as a sign of good luck, and then it stayed dry. However, it was incredibly windy and stormy- a stormfront was moving through, and it was overcast. Of course I was dreaming of sunshine, and every other day of our trip it was sunny, but on our wedding day the sun came out only for about half an hour exactly at the beginning of our wedding ceremony on the beach. I felt like God had been listening and cleared the skies just for us!

The energy of the day was so intense because of the elements- it was dramatic! Until lunchtime it wasn’t clear if we’d be able to hold the ceremony on the beach as planned or have to use the back up plan inside the hotel- I remember not even feeling disappointed when my wedding coordinator told me this, but being supremely happy and excited about marrying my sweet William wherever and however it may be. Sure, I planned a beach wedding for a reason, but I was very calm about the possible move, which luckily never had to happen. We had the ceremony on the beach as planned, and though the wind was strong, it was cloudy, and there was seaweed washed up on the white sand beach, it provided the perfect ‘real’ backdrop for some lively pictures.

I quickly gave up ideas of my hair and my veil sitting perfectly and just went with it, feeling the full force of the elements and feeling blessed that we were able to celebrate our magical ceremony in nature feeling raw and uncaged. My bridesmaids tried taping my veil to my dress to keep it in place- to no avail, so I decided I would just hold it with my hands by my bouquet, and that worked fine except for when I let go- notice how the veil is moving in the pics and how I’m trying to hold it, or not, or reign it back in- you would need a serious movie set wind blower to create these effects (see slideshow below!).

The dramatic weather was perfect- instead of having a postcard picture perfect backdrop with everyone sweltering in the blinding sun at the ceremony, there was no squinting, and a comfortable temperature, and the most interesting pictures you can imagine- everything was alive and moving and natural!

After the ceremony, Aida Krgin our photographer whisked us away from the guests for a couples portrait session, which was like some extreme Weather Channel reporting challenge. The wind was pulling my veil and hair all over the place, and Aida was shouting directions at us over the loud wind and frantically trying to capture what she could in the diminishing flat light. It’s amazing to me how beautiful the pictures turned out despite this, and in fact because of it. On the pics you can’t see just how stormy it was- you see the movement, and yet they are still and serene, cutting out the noise and turmoil of the wind and leaving only the raw beauty and love. I’ve included some of my fave portrait pics along with ones demonstrating windiness below.

Yes my hair was soo perfect before I stepped out (just like I wanted it to be), and then it got all wild and messy like it always is, and I just had to laugh and let it go- and looking at the pics I see that I prefer the natural beachy waves wind-blown look- that’s more of a reflection of who I really am, and who my husband really is.

xox Maria (wife of William the Giant)  

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our wedding photographer

5 Dec

First of all, I don’t know how this happened but our little wedding blog got over 13,000 views these last few days! My husband William the Giant thinks I was exaggerating but no, I couldn’t believe my eyes.  So thank you for visiting and sharing this site!  This was originally a private wedding site for wedding guests only, and after the wedding I deleted the pre-wedding info and edited it kind of as a shrine to the most romantic day of my life and a resource for friends and family who were with us as well as those who couldn’t make it to share pics and get a real feeling for what it was like.

Last week was the first time I  shared it publicly, and am now motivated to keep blogging and share inspiration and tips on how I manifested our dream wedding, mainly because I just don’t want it to be over! I spent so much time thinking through all the details and think it may be helpful for other brides and grooms to be and romantics out there.

I always read how important it was to have a wedding photographer, but I cannot tell you how much it means to me that I chose the one I did- thank God! I cannot thank enough our amazing wedding photographer Aida Krgin. She has become not only a friend, but some kind of angel.

I just can’t stop looking at the wedding pictures- maybe all new wives do this, but it’s amazing how many details you miss on your wedding day, because as present as you are (and i was completely sober and hyper-present every minute of it), the sensory overload and the emotions are just so overwhelming, you’re trying to take it all in and yet you feel completely high, like in some kind of spiritual love trance viewing a divine vision- anyhow that’s how I felt walking down the aisle shaking (according to my dad), crying, and smiling…

So I keep looking at the pics and see all these things I didn’t see from my limited perspective – oh so that’s what my friend wore- how could I not notice- I always notice clothes! And that guest was dancing with so and so- wasn’t I on the dance floor as well- how did I miss that? And that’s what my love’s face looked like when he saw me- he’s trying not to cry! I could barely see because of how much I was crying as soon as I saw him…It’s like reliving the event, the closest to holding time still, to have these precious moments.

Aida has a blog as well, and she wrote a lovely blog post on the wedding and posted some of her fave pics, some of which I don’t have up here- so please check out the post here maria and bill | la amada, mexico » krginphoto blog.

What I love is how Aida captured the details as well as the emotions, the joy and love, she just saw it all- there is so much movement in the pictures because of how windy it was, and she did an amazing job capturing everything naturally, without it feeling fake or posed. Don’t you like how she made these postcards for her blog, where she paired detail shots together! Isn’t it beautiful?

Oh by the way, this is Aida- yes, she’s gorgeous, inside and out. She worked nonstop from 11am to 12 midnight and she was so serene, floating quietly around barefoot like some ethereal photography goddess. She left her sandals outside our hotel room when she shot me getting ready and forgot about them the rest of the night- that’s how focused she was on her photography!

Maria xox  

We’re back from Mexico!

1 Dec

Our wedding was magical. It was so much more than we imagined it could be. It was a dream come true in a way that made the reality infinitely better than the dream. It was the most beautiful day of our lives.

Thank you to all our friends and family for being with us in Mexico. It was so fun to spend time with you in the days leading up to the wedding, and on that special day. Your love made it magic, and the energy of the planets aligning for the first time in 5,000 years on 11 11 11 made it intensely spiritual and powerfully emotional. We felt like our hearts were bared open for the universe, and I have never simultaneously cried and smiled so much in my life, nor felt so purely high.

This small selection of wedding pics from our photographer Aida Krgin is just a teaser. Click above on ‘Our Wedding’ to view them. (Thank you Aida for being our angel and documenting our dream). We will share the full collection of professional photos with you shortly on a site that will allow you to order prints if you like.

For those who like to look at clouds like us, please notice the face in the clouds on the first picture- it is on the upper half of the left side – once you see it, you won’t believe it.

Also, we will be compiling and posting highlights from everyone’s photos, so if you took any pics at the wedding please send them to us! Finally, we will also post a short video which will give you a sneak peek at our honeymoon (whatever you’re thinking right now…. stop it).

For those who couldn’t make it, you were definitely missed. We hope you enjoy the pics, and more importantly, we hope that we’ll get to celebrate with you now that we’re back from the honeymoon!

Love and Gratitude,

xox Maria (the wife of William)

Hurricane Rina, October Snow and IronMen

31 Oct

We’ve had quite an eventful few weeks on top of working and planning our upcoming wedding… Bill ran the marathon as part of a team IRONMAN event in Florida with his father, Bill Sr. (who swam 2.4 miles), and brother Mike (who biked 112 miles). Their relay got 3rd place! I’m very proud of my IRON in laws – these are hardcore dudes, and you will enjoy meeting them, as well as their lovely spouses Mary and Tracy, who along with me, made up the most excited and supportive cheerleading trio ever!

Also, me and my company LivLuna were featured in the Wall Street Journal, and Bill premiered his two latest film projects, one at a press premier for a political campaign in Long Island, and another at a benefit for a Human Rights organization at the Plaza Hotel in New York City.

AND the hurricane season in the Yucatan went out with a bang with Hurricane Rina, which thankfully did not cause the widespread damage feared in Cancun. The rains caused some minor flooding, but the authorities were super prepared. Luckily for us, from here on out the weather forecast for Cancun is great and next week looks sunny 🙂

Meanwhile, we got hammered with a historic foot of snow in NY this October weekend, causing tree limbs, still heavy with leaves, to come crashing down all around us and widespread power outage. Now we’re officially ready for a tropical vacation!

Oh, and Happy Halloween! As you can imagine, we’re in the bustle of last minute wedding prep, so this year ‘we’re going as’ Bride and Groom-zilla 😉 NOT!


Maria & William xox

the final countdown…

27 Sep
Less than 6 weeks to go…. YEAH! It’s the final countdown… tadada tadadadadaah (insert movie theme music here) 🙂

Meanwhile, everyone has been asking about our wedding registry, and soooo…

We have discovered a wonderful new way of doing the registry and we hope you will check it out, and think it’s as cool and fun as we do.


Maria & William

Booking a room, sharing, and Cancun safety

4 Jul

Dear family and friends, it’s July, and November is just around the corner!! We’re so excited! We will be sending out formal wedding invites within the next month, but all the details you need to know are on this website, so if you’re ready to book your room and flights, now is a good time to do so. Please read the page Accommodation, it’s a dropdown in the ‘Wedding’ menu tab, or click here. The form you need to fill out and email or fax to the hotel is on there as well, and will download to your PC when you click on it.

Bill and I will be staying at La Amada November 7th- 12th, and the wedding is on the 11th, so please stay with us as long as you like. Ideally you’d want to be there at least 9th-12th.

Also, if you’re traveling on your own and would like to share a room (to save a few bucks), please let us know. We have several friends traveling on their own sharing rooms, and we would be happy to match you up with someone. Just specify whether you’d like to share with one other person or two, and the gender, or if you’re open to co-ed sharing, as some of my friends are 😉 What I recommend is booking your flight, and then emailing us the dates you’d like to share a room, and we will do our best to accommodate you.

For those of you who are not seasoned travelers, and concerned about safety in Mexico, please check out resources such as this Tripadvisor page kindly provided by my future sister in law Mindi, which will assure you that the Cancun area is one of the safest places to travel to!

As always, please email us if you have any issues to wedding at williammaria dot com


Maria & William

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